Mission Statement
Our Mission is to achieve excellence in politics teaching, research and community outreach. To this end, we aim to build a School of Politics that is outstanding in all areas, and which addresses the needs of South Africa, our continent and global developments in the study of politics.

We endeavor to educate students, at both graduate and undergraduate levels, in the relevant and diverse aspects of the major disciplines that fall under the broad rubric of politics. We are committed, in particular, to ensuring that our graduates have a command of the knowledge and skills central to the study of politics the world over.

We endeavor to pursue research to the highest international standards, and are committed to training researchers who will be able to address many of the broad challenges of political development, at all levels of government and society, both in South Africa, our continent and elsewhere.

We are committed, in our ethical vision, to the promotion of good governance and to providing support for the maintenance and enhancement of democratic institutions and practices. We strive to encourage, and to provide the knowledge and information necessary for, responsible citizenship.


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