Alison Jones

Academic Co-ordinator Political Science (PMB Campus)

BA(Natal) Ba Hons(Rhodesia) Mphil(Southamption) PhD (UKZN)
Comparative and African Politics
Research Interests
Postcolonial and philosophical discourses in Africa
The politics of performance in Africa: drama, literature, poetry, praise songs and popular mythologies
Decolonisation discourses: Fanon, Cabral, Cesaire, Senghor, Nkrumah, Nyerere and Biko
Politics from below': civil society and popular movements
Comparative politics in developing regions: Sub-Saharan Africa and East-Central Europe
Politics and society in Britain, including socialist transitions: Labour to New Labour

Recent Publications

Alison Jones & Domoka Lucinda Manda (2006) "Violence & 'othering' in colonial & postcolonial Africa. Case Study: Banda's Malawi." Journal of African Cultural Studies. 18,2

PhD (2006) "Caveat Emptor. Ideological paradigms in decolonising & postcolonial Africa."

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