Lubna Nadvi
Co-ordinator POLS 102 (HC)
BA HONS (UDW) MA (Coventry, UK)

Introductory Level 

Gender - Women in International Relations

International Relations

African Politics (2009)

Middle East Politics (2009) 

Research Interests
African and SA Politics, Comparative including Middle Eastern and Asian Politics, Gender and Feminism, Political Islam, Social Movements and Civil Society, HIV Aids, International Relations
Recent Publications

Book Chapters

Nadvi L, 2006, ''The War Against State Terrorism: Reframing the Debate on Global Terrorism'' in Peleg S (ed), Fighting Terrorism in the Liberal State: An Integrated Model of Research, Intelligence and International Law, Amsterdam : IOS Press, pp 154 - 157, ISBN 1-58603-600-9

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Nadvi, L, 2005, Islam and Politics in the 21st Century, in Islam in the 21st Century, Solomon, H (ed), Pretoria : Centre for International Politics, pp 67 - 84



Nadvi L, 2007, The Ugly Side of the Beautiful Game: The Socio-Economic Impact of the 2010 FIFA World Cup on the City of eThekwini and its ''Poors''. World Journal of Managing Events, 2(1) 41-11

Buccus I and Nadvi L, 2007, ''Muslims, Participation and Local Government Elections in Durban'', Critical Dialogue, Vol 3, No 1, p 38 - 46

Buccus I and Nadvi L, ''Resisting the anti-terrorism bill: The role of Civil Society in Legislative Reform'', Critical Dialogue, 2006, Vol 2 No 1, pp 18 - 23, ISSN 1726-8494

Buccus I and Nadvi L, ''The Role of (Muslim) Civil Society in Resisting the Ant-Terrorism Bill'', Annual Review of Islam in South Africa, 2005, No 8, pp 45 - 49, ISBN 0-620-22755-9

Habib. A and Nadvi L, ''Party Disintegrations and Re-alignments in Post-apartheid South Africa'', Review of African Political Economy, 2002, No 92, pp 331 - 338, ISSN 0305-6244


Nadvi L, ''Unthinking Citizenship : Feminist Debates in Contemporary South Africa'', Democratization, April 2006, Vol 13, No 2, pp 358 - 360, ISSN 1351-0347

Nadvi L, ''Good Muslim, Bad Muslim: America, the Cold War and the Roots of Terror'', Religion, State & Society, March 2006, Volume 34, Number 1

Nadvi, L, ''When Victims Become Killers'', Politikon, 2003, Vol 30, No 1, pp 99 - 100, ISSN 0258-9346

Nadvi. L, "5 Years of SA's First Democratic Parliament", Transformation, 1999, No 40, pp 132 - 134, ISSN 0258-7696

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